Loaded Bananas

We can easily grab a banana on the go and call it a day, but have you ever spruced one up with a bunch of superfoods? If not, it’s time.

This fruit has been newly reincorporated in my food lifestyle for additional variety. Bananas are high in carbs (boosting energy levels) & natural sugars, and I never like to leave out quality fats and proteins, so adding in a good nut butter/nut toppings provides a solid balance. TBH, this snack is a DREAM, packed with antioxidants and feel good nutrients. That’s one of my favorite things about superfoods – they might come across as a minor detail, but they make a BIG impact in flavor and our health.


Left: 1/2 organic banana, cashew butter, cacao powder, crushed freeze-dried raspberries.

Right: 1/2 organic banana, cashew butter, cinnamon, cacao nibs, crushed raw walnuts. 

Quite the simple snack, am I right? This is what fast food should really look like!

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