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My Favorite On the Go Snacks

If there is ever a time a snack is needed most, it’s when I’m out of the house and on the go.

Having food on hand while running errands, during all-day excursions, and travels are pretty much a no-brainer for me at this point in my life. Without something to munch on, there comes the situation where I either become irritable and depleted from an empty stomach or I’m making a pit stop, and many times prior to my food conscious journey, that would be a trip to fast food lane…

But, I couldn’t tell you the last time this even occurred because again, I carry food (and more often than not my lunch box as well) with me practically at all times. If I’m around others that bring junk food (i.e. during a trip to the beach), I try my darnest to stick with my snacks, which is why I always carry with me my favorite brands.

So, some of my top snackies that I couldn’t recommend more for your said travels are:

CHOMPS -Their beef jerky sticks are tasty, filling, and packed with protein with no yucky additives or junk. Currently, it’s my #1 snack to keep with me.
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Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips – Look at the ingredients list and you will be a pleasantly surprised. These chips are made with 100% avocado oil, NOT canola (always stray away from canola oil). Crispy, crunchy, deliciousness.

Hu Chocolate – You can never go wrong with a little chocolate to sweeten things up. I enjoy Hu because their chocolate is simple, meaning no refined sugar/cane sugar, no dairy, no junk. But, if I’m doing a no added sugar detox, you best believe I’ll have…

Evolved Chocolate – They have a 100% cacao (no sugar added) bar that I absolutely LOVE. I enjoy the bite (bitterness), but if you’re one who prefers a smooth chocolate texture, they have other wonderful options/flavors too. LEVEL UP: You can also customize your own chocolate bars on their website!

Nuts & seeds – Super nutritious and a staple (every day) snack for me. I buy mine at Trader Joe’s – their variety is ridiculously awesome and the raw nuts/seeds do not contain oils. TIP: Make your own trail mix by combining a variety and throw in some chocolate while you’re at it!

Raw bites – I could forever rave about these. Packed with the best ingredients and super simple to make, raw balls are a given. Try my Lemon Blueberry Bites, Strawberry Cashew Bites, Fudge Energy Bites, or the Chocolate Raspberry Bliss Balls!

Perfect Bar – I have not found a better protein bar. Their products contain 20+ organic superfoods and are nutrient-dense, keeping you full and satisfied. I honestly don’t eat them as much as I used to (as I’ve cut down on added sugar and dairy), but they are most definitely a snack worth trying. I believe you can find these at most grocery stores now, and they can be found near the yogurt section (as they’re best refrigerated).

This list continues to grow, but these are indeed my top on-the-go snacks. Many of these brands solidify my commitment to keeping my body fueled in the most optimal way, at all times. Cheers to putting yourself first, even on the busiest of days!

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