Not a Veggie Eater? Try This Simple Hack

I get it. You may not be used to vegetables due to texture, flavor, or you’re just not sure how to even incorporate them into your lifestyle. But what if I told you, you may be depleting yourself of so many key nutrients your gut & many other parts of your body need to fight disease, create steady energy and long-term vitality? What if I also told you one specific method I used (and continue to use) to kick start my want for more vegetables?

Coming from someone who years back ate a staple meal of chicken, broccoli and rice for 2 out of 3 meals a day, this was huge. And, it all started with this helpful hack:

Cook with many ingredients.

It’s that simple. I’m talking herbs, spices, and your preferred sources of carbs, fat, and protein. A perfect example of this is… tacos. Ever gone to Chipotle, ordered yourself a burrito bowl, mix everything together, and bite into so many ingredients in one that you’re really unsure on what flavors you’re even tasting? But dang, it was good. Now sneak some vegetables in there and well, here you are fueling your microbiome, immunity, and overall health.

But let’s ditch the eating out and go for the home-cooked meals. If you really find yourself asking how you can add in more wholesome foods into your life, finding recipes that introduce a lot of flavor and variety is how to create that shift. It’s how I grew to love foods like mushrooms (I used to despise the texture) and other vegetables that I wouldn’t look twice at. But in the grand scheme of things what I was saying no to could in fact be a game changer in my health. That alone was plenty for me.

Here are some recipes of mine to try out that include variety:

Creamy Turmeric & Ginger Thai Noodles

Grain Free Turkey Tacos

Chicken Sausage, Potato & Mushroom

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