Stuffed Dates (Only 4 Simple Ingredients!)

Olives or no olives? Sunrise or sunset? Call or text? But for the purpose of this post… savory, or sweet? ?

This salty & sweet creation is the perfect satisfying treat that easily triumphs a dessert full of additives and sugar. Because I recently decided to test out an 3-6 week Elimination Diet (removing foods from my lifestyle that are known to create intolerance in the body) these are key for keeping me fueled and satisfied.

Good to know: Dates have a sweet caramel-like taste and buttery characteristic, enough to hardly believe you’re even eating a fruit!

Shave 10 minutes out of your day and enjoy goodness:




  • Cut one side of dates open
  • Stuff with sunflower butter
  • Melt chocolate (your preferred method) and drizzle
  • Top with sea salt
  • Place in freezer for 5 minutes, take out and enjoy! I stored mine in the fridge for a few days afterwards.

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