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Find local produce in your area!
Find local grassfed meat, eggs and dairy!
Regenerative Organic Certification – ROC is a new certification for foods, textiles, and personal care ingredients that involves three areas: animal welfare, farmworker fairness and soil health. You can find out what brands are certified under ROC or even donate to their program!
Help restore our soil! Adopt a meter of degraded soil for $5, which goes towards initiatives that support regenerative agriculture.
“The Edible Schoolyard Project is dedicated to transforming the health of children by designing hands-on educational experiences in the garden, kitchen, and cafeteria that connect children to food, nature, and to each other.” Join their pledge!

CAFO’s (confined animal feeding operations or factory farms)
Learn about how agricultural enterprises are affecting our health, society, soil, environment and the treatment of animals. Spread the word.