A Daily Dose of Kindness

Today’s #WorldKindnessDay, and though we should be consciously applying this principle to our daily lives, today is our reminder to put forth.

Kindness and compassion are two beautifully constructed ideologies that we sometimes overlook when we are hyper focused on the every day chaos of life. With a balance of selflessness and selfishness (yes, being selfish is OKAY), we create a positive existence. That being said, here are a few acts of kindness that you can do today that can bring joy to your day and to others:

Reach out to a family member/friend. Time can sometimes act like we’re hitting the fastfoward button on our Firestick – you look up and realize it’s been a bit since you’ve spoke to X person. Make an effort to call that individual in your life, even if it is a simple hello. This gesture of appreciation goes a long way.

Watch what you say in person and online. Hit the pause button on starting or adding “fuel to the fire” over the internet. Be aware of criticism or putting forth negativity. This statement rings too true: you never know what someone is going through. Be aware of that. And at the end of the day, what you put out into the world is what you attract.

Check in with yourself. It’s amazing that we can spread positivity and provide advice or a lending hand to others when they need it, but have you paid attention to how you’ve been treating yourself? Find awareness with your negative inner commentary. Is there something you need in your life at this very moment? Maybe a walk in nature, a nourishing meal, a hug? What ever it may be, make time for you.

Forgive, and let go. Let go of what does not serve you. Let go of mistakes, grudges, old relationships. Kindness starts with yourself, and ridding the unnecessary opens you up to inviting more into your being.

Give back. Donate to a food bank or foundation you follow. Donate clothing that hang untouched in your closet. Donate blood/plasma. Volunteer. Find a way to spread love in your local community.

So, what do you say? Let’s vow to incorporate some extra love for ourselves and others. Spread kindness, it’s infectious, and we all know we could use some right now.

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