How To Allow More Positivity Into Your Life

My recent visit to Connecticut was also an impactful awakening for me, and it all started with a conversation with a family member.

Sometimes, when we fixate on negativity, it tends to gravitate our way. We are what we attract. In a recent family event, a family member of mine was dealing with this, well, dilemma. I did my best to support, providing silver linings, if you will. My composure was solid, but soft. At one point as the day continued and the negativity hovered over them like a dark cloud, they turned to me and said, “well not everyone can be as positive as you”.

This hit me hard, but in the best way possible. Before, in the midst of a stressful conversation, my feelings of anxiety would’ve hit the roof. Years ago, I would most likely have latched on to these moments, and fed into the negativity. Instead, I was able to slow down, breath, and again, support.

I think we can all find positivity in our lives, and a lot of it. Yet so many live in a stressed out state almost every single day, and this doesn’t help the fact that majority of a person’s daily thoughts are already negative. That is why it is so crucial to be conscious and present throughout the day, because if not – we’re living in autopilot.

So, here are a few ways that can help boost more positivity in your every day life that have helped me and continue to do so:

Write it down – Whether you’re feeling accomplished and grateful or sad and anxious, write it out. The act of expressing oneself on paper or releasing conjured up emotions is extremely beneficial, cultivating more balance, understanding and presence in our life.

Calm your nervous system – This is everything to me. For a very long time I had lived in a state of hyperactivity, and eventually I had to learn the hard way to realizing this. By making a conscious effort to slow down your nervous system, you can make more room for clarity. Modalities such as breathwork, yoga, drinking herbal tea and finding the right supplements are worth incorporating into one’s lifestyle.

Fuel your body – When I eat right, I live on a higher vibration. Not only do I feel good, but I tend to radiate a positive energy. When we treat our bodies with respect, it tends to repay us with better mood and a better outlook on life.

Find gratitude – Life is happening for you, not to you. Find time from the moment you wake up to the moment you lay your head on the pillow to acknowledge the things that you are happy to have, no matter how small you think it to be – and believe it.

Remember you are not your thoughts – We are the ones who create our own suffering, and what we think influences our day to day lives. Many of us have lived in a state of negativity for so long that we’ve trained our brains to automatically think this way. Have a negative thought? Turn it around. If your thoughts feel too real, slow it down, breathe, and ask yourself what it is your mind/body is trying to tell you. When you question your thoughts, you learn to see them for what they are (just thoughts), breaking the negative cycle.

Know that you can rewire your brain – Sciences (such as neuroplasticity) have shown that we in fact do have the ability and capacity to make changes in our brain. With this being a new belief system in mind, it has created so much potential in my life. I always had the belief that my brain was “broken”, which is far from the truth. Knowing I have the power to make lasting change, it’s made me much more of a positive person (again, believe it!).

Challenge yourself – The featured image of this post was taken with me sitting on a concrete foundation high up over a cascading waterfall – knowing my more recent discovery of heights. I say this as a simple explanation to challenge your mental chatter. Do things that contradict your limitations (no you do not need to sit off a cliff). If you’ve always told yourself you can’t public speak, try speaking up during a conversation with a larger group. If you’ve always told yourself you’re a bad cook, grab a recipe online and get to work. When we learn to poke at our limitations, we become more limitless.

Spend your time with quality people – Who you surround yourself not only reflects who you are as a person in your current phase of life, but also reflects your emotions. I’ve found it easier to choose my time wisely with others by paying attention to our interests, our conversation, while also noticing how I feel around that person. Am I uncomfortable? Do I feel tense? Am I relaxed? Does this person make me feel good? Do I like how they’re speaking to me? We have the ability to sense the energy of others – listen to your body, and trust that you’ll make the best decision for you.

Unlock your purpose, and live your life – My hobbies, my interests, and an open mind has gotten me closer and closer to what I feel is my purpose. As I grow as a person, my passions continue to unfold in front of me. This has easily created more abundance in my life, while also allowing me to create the life that I want. But to put it plainly – just enjoy it. Do things that make you happy, and live it up.

Positivity comes in all shapes and sizes, and it’s out there for us. We all have our different ways to experience those feel-good emotions, so find out what those are for you! The moment you’re open to receiving more positivity, the more you’ll see pour into your life. I promise – I know you can do this! For your wellbeing and others. 

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