Natural Immune Boosting Supplements

It hasn’t been uncommon for me in the past to catch a cold literally multiple times a year. Even now, I’m more prone to congestion issues due to black mold exposure that lead to a severe case of an upper respiratory infection in late 2019, making me more susceptible to incoming germs & viruses. With all that said, immunity boosting foods and supplementation is not only extremely important to me, but crucial to my body’s regularity and strength.

Your body’s immune system is a complex powerhouse that protects you against disease, detecting incoming viruses, pathogens, parasites, bacteria, toxins, and other unwelcome foreign invaders. Having a properly functioning system means our bodies can defend us better from the worst. If not, our immune system is compromised, and our bodies have a harder time fighting and may lose to those nasty invaders. If you’re like me who has gotten sick many, many times, it may be a clear indicator that you have a weakened immune system.

I retired the cold medicine quite a bit ago and switched to a holistic, natural approach for immunity or when I’m sick or feel under the weather. Cold medicines contain man-made ingredients that can also bring upon unfriendly side effects, and to me, I think what nature has given us is worth the experimentation. Don’t get me wrong, when my colds are at their worst I can still turn to Western medicine, but it’s never my first go to. Never. The holistic/natural approach comes first.

With immunity supplementation being an all time high for me, I bring to you some of my favorites that I take frequently:

Promotes immune function and is great when dealing with common colds. I use this herbal supplement in tinctures* and tea, and while I don’t take every day, I keep on hand during the colder months, when I’m traveling, and when I feel congestion coming on. This is traditional medicine at its finest.

*Tinctures are concentrated liquid herbal extracts. 

Elderberry Syrup
A medicine cabinet staple, traditionally taken for immune health, and great in defending cold & flu symptoms. This flowering plant/berry is packed with antioxidants and nutrients.

Vitamin D
The “sunshine vitamin” is another necessary nutrient for immunity. Luckily, living in the Sunshine State makes it easier for me to receive Vitamin D naturally, but because I still find myself inside a lot for work, supplementation is needed. I benefit from this nutrient with tinctures as well as my daily multivitamin.

Bee Propolis
Antioxidant rich with germ fighting properties, bee propolis is nature’s defender. I used to purchase in a jar to add to my tea, but now I’ve switched to a throat spray and carry with me during my travels.

A supplement I can harp on forever due to aiding in overall wellbeing. These are live microorganisms (good bacteria) that live in our gut and promote gut health, which in turn regulates brain health, digestion, and you guessed right – the immune system. A healthy microbiome = a healthier body. I take a probiotic supplement DAILY, rarely skipping a day. And sometimes, a kombucha as well!

I ditched the coffee and migrated to tasty, non-caffeinated teas. Chamomile tea is great for its relaxing effects, and there is evidence that it can help strengthen the immune system. As mentioned previously, echinacea is great, as well as elderberry tea.

Supplementation is amazing to incorporate in our lifestyle, but it doesn’t replace the main source of how we should be fueling a healthy immune system: what we eat. When I fill my plate with fruits, vegetables, sustainable meats, use daily supplementation, get a good night’s rest AND reduce stress, my body is at its strongest.

Cheers to regulated, balanced, and healthy immune systems!

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