Simple Ways to Digital Detox

Want a reality check? Watch how often you’re picking up your phone… that was mine!

Minimizing my technology use is always a reoccurring thought for me. Every Sunday I get the notification on my iPhone regarding Screen Time, and I cringe, seeing a themed average of 4-5 hours a day… staring at blue light. My full-time job and passion for blogging both include a thorough amount of time on my phone and computer, which I can grasp, but what bothers me most is when I get stuck going down the rabbit hole during free time. Talk about being on autopilot.

Luckily, there are ways to break the curse of phone dependence, and I have been very adamant on making adjustments in my life to do just that.

If you’re one who also grabs their phone out of pure impulse and is ready to make a change, I’ve put together a few simple methods to finally put your foot AND that phone down once and for all:

Utilize your iPhone’s built-in Downtime feature. (To enable, go to Settings > Screen Time.)
– I have mine set to where my phone locks me out of apps from 11PM – 7AM. Sometimes I tend to outsmart it, but I’m creating boundaries!

Try deleting social media apps – even if it’s just for a few days.
– I’ve done it once with Snapchat (for a week) and it felt GREAT. Challenge yourself in deleting one or more platforms and notice the difference.

Walk away from your phone.
– Sometimes I’ll run downstairs for something quick just to run back up, and yet I bring my phone with me. Why? Instead of carrying it with you at all times, leave it around the house. Just walk away.

Turn off app notifications.
– This was ESSENTIAL for me and I’ve done this with almost every single downloaded app on my phone. Apps are very sneaky and know when you haven’t been paying attention to their content; then come the constant notifications that have us swiping to unlock all throughout the day. Simple solution: turn them off.

Just be mindful.
– Remind yourself of your screen time. Remember to stay present. When someone’s talking, give them the attention they deserve (because who ever said they enjoyed someone staring at their phone in mid conversation?).

Although we live in a world where technology is at a constant growth and having our phone(s) within arms reach has become habitual, there’s just zero reason for us to live our lives through a screen. Give yourself the space to make improvements, celebrate the small wins and take it one day at a time. In reality, our life depends on it if we truly want to enjoy what life offers to us beyond the screen. As I always tell myself, just put the phone down!

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