Igniting Your Exercise Groove

Exercise is defined differently for everyone.

Many of who I know exercise (and I’m sure you can relate) by lifting weights, running, HIIT training, etc. Go to the gym, get a vigorous workout in, push those quads and hammies on leg day until you practically need assistance leaving the building. I need protein, stat!

Now, how about something a little less strenuous on the body? As I was doing research online, a Google question popped up that I found too interesting: “Is walking considered exercise?”.

I think this is true for many. Much of the time there is a need to continually push our bodies with more vigorous movements, that we tend to forget there are other means of exercising without limiting our beliefs on what is “enough” in regards to a fulfilling workout. I was a weight lifter, and my workouts were nothing but that. “Consistency” was the mentality. Gains. Even pushing my body until exhaustion.

And then I got sick from exposure to black mold, and all means of exercising came to a halt.

Fast forward to now, I have a deep appreciation for the simple pleasure of walking, because for the longest time that’s all I could do. To move my body, however that looks, and finishing my workout with a sense of accomplishment.

So, if you’re stuck in limbo on the exercise train, here are a few less strenuous movements to consider:

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